Interested In Volunteering?

Come Play With Us - At The Kelowna Actors Studio

It takes hundreds of people to put on a season at Kelowna Actors Studio (KAS). Some of those have been at the theatre since inception and there are some who have just joined this year.

Here are some questions first-time volunteers ask:

- So why would I want to get involved?
- Do I get paid?
- What can I do?
- Where do I start?
- How much time must I commit?
- Who do I contact for more information?

So why would I want to get involved?

Why not get paid for your passion and learning a new skill, making a difference in the community and following your passion!
Learn a new skill. For example: crewing a show, woodworking, making props, sewing, project management, leadership, organization. There are many opportunities where no prior skill is required.
Act on stage. Perhaps you'd like to try "treading the boards"? (no, you don't have to work backstage on a show before you can audition at KAS)
Have a sense of accomplishment. There's nothing better than to see a show open that you know you had a hand in getting off the ground.
You are creating first-time memories for many theatregoers who have never seen live theatre that will last a lifetime!
Make new friends. There are plenty of friendly people who will always greet you with a smile and are happy to see you.  Join our dysfunctional family!
Opening night receptions and closing Wrap Parties and a special invite to closed dress rehearsals as well as our Annual Appreciation Evening!
Spend quality time away from your family, or with your family :-)
Community Service. Perhaps you just want to "give back" to the community you've grown up in (or are new to). Some schools give you extra credit for this.

Do I Get Paid/What Can I Do?

As you can imagine, activities at KAS revolve around the shows we do. The theatre puts on 10 productions every season (September to August), so it’s just about one every month. And each production runs for 3 weeks at our Ellis Location (Mainstage) or 2 weeks at our new WorkRoom Theatre location (Family Series & On The Edge Series) and our Summer Show at the Kelowna Community Theatre. So as you can see, as one show closes, the next one is just about to start. We can always use your help with the Studio Kidz class productions and any extra initiatives for the arts community.

So here are some of the positions available for each production:

Production Crew:
- Stage Manager (paid)
- Assistant Stage Manager (paid)
- Follow spot operators (paid)
- Stage crew member (paid)
- Lighting Designer (paid)
- Head Carpenter (paid)
- Backstage Dresser (helping actors with quick changes backstage during the show)
- Actors (paid)
- Costume design for the academy (paid)
BONUSES: Attend Special Invited Dress, Wrap Parties, Appreciation Night and Incentive Program

Ambassador Positions

- Props Assistant (help decor and make hand props in the show)
- Lighting Hang Crew (help hang the various lights in the theatre)
- Construction (Help build the set)
- Set Decor/Painting (Pick up a paintbrush and paint a set)
- Set assembly and construction (woodwork, metalwork, painting, etc)
- Costume construction (sewing, etc)
- Administration Support (help organize our costume room/props/set storage or library)
- Wig Assistant (help style and upkeep of wigs)
- Distribution of Marketing Materials (Posters, Lobby Cards, Flyers to the Okanagan)
- Ushers at all three locations (help seat patrons, pour water, clear dishes - Ellis theatre only)

Where Do I Start?

If you're new to the theatre the best place to start is to work on a show as one of the crew members (props, lights, sound, running, dressing) or to work as an usher (handing out playbills, showing patrons their seats and assisting with clean up). Here are some simple steps:

How Much Time Must I Commit?

You pick the activities you want to do, based on how much time you have. It’s that easy!
For example:
- As an usher, 1 matinee or night of your time. Or as many as you like and you get to see the show for free and a beverage.
- A crew member will probably need to commit to 3 weekend afternoons and 7 nights of time prior to opening night and then shows runs: Ellis -  Wednesday to Sunday with 7:30pm shows and a Saturday Matinee at 1:00pm (Noon call)  (crew is called between 5:15pm to 7:00pm for shows), The WorkRoom - Family Series: Thursday to Sunday with shows at 1:00pm, 3:30pm & 6:30pm & On The Edge Series: Wednesday to Sunday with shows at 1:00pm & 7:30pm, Kelowna Community Theatre - Tuesday to Sunday with shows at 1:00pm & 6:30pm.
Stage Crew members get paid $500 and are invited to the opening night reception and final cast party. All training will be provided
- Spot Operators need to be available for all shows plus 2 runs to observe the production and tech week. You will be trained how to perform your duties, Spot Operators get paid $250 and are invited to the opening night reception and final wrap party. All training will be provided.
- As someone who's helping during a construction session, this time can vary depending on how involved you wish to be.  You get an invite to the private dress and invites to the final wrap party.
- If interested in a larger role like Assistant Stage Manager (ASM attends a run of Act 1, run of Act 2 and a full run before the tech weekend and assists the stage manager with any pre show preparations for every show and guides stage crew backstage)
Assistant Stage Managers get paid $750 and are invited to the opening night reception and final cast party. All training will be provided.
- Stage Manager is required for the rehearsal period and show period · As Stage Manager, you'll attend every rehearsal and every show. You typically are the first to arrive, and the last to leave. The Stage Manager has to commit the most amount of time of all positions. Contact for further information and salary.
A Stage Manager fee is much higher and needs backstage or ASM experience and must be technical to use lighting and other programs (we can also train you on these).



***BackStage Night*** NEW

The theatre holds a BackStage Night every six months, typically in January and in September. This is where members of the public are invited to see how the theatre operates behind the scenes.

- You'll hear about the different positions
- You'll meet the KAS staff members and department heads
- You'll be invited to go on a tour of the building (WorkRoom or Ellis), with stops at various areas such as the scene shop, costume shop, theatre and more.
- You'll have the opportunity to chat to other KAS members with drinks and snacks
- A talkback where you can ask questions

BackStage Night is advertised via Social Media and our mailing list and on the Website. Follow us to keep up to date!

Who do I contact for more information?

  • Backstage and Production Inquiries:  Randy Leslie, Artistic Managing Director 250-862-2867 ext. 102 or
  • Ushering/Front of House: Contact Our Box Office: 250-862-2867 or